vrijdag 30 september 2011


One of Barcelona's famous artists is Antoni Tapies (see here) who has his own museum in Barcelona. He  uses nature, coincidence, and thinking about coincidence. For example he used a lot of sand and sawdust mixed with paint on his canvas and this layer once dried up will burst. He painted with a wide variety of materials including cardboard, cloths, paper, threads.
So Tapies became my Barcelona inspiration, but there is so much more in Barcelona, it is so hard to choose. One of the famous buildings in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia, a church  they started building  in 1882, and it is still not finished. So some of that, and some mosaics and some summer colors...
I started with an old cloth, and put a sleeve of a shirt on it. Accidental materials who just happen to be here. Then I used gesso and yellow paint and with a selfmade stencil I applied rectangles in red. (This is seen on my first blog about Barcelona.) Then I did some more stencilling in blue and painted  with red and brown. In the right corner I glued a piece of paper from the museum of Antoni Tapies, in pieces like mosaic.On the left I cut off a big piece and put it back on upside down. 
I used thin batting and quilted with graded pink-red thread.
In the left corner I made a black cross from black wool. 
Alles in het engels deze keer, maar dat begrijpen jullie vast  zo ook wel :-)

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Anoniem zei

Mooi!. Neem je hem morgen mee, ik wil hem heel graag in het echt zien.


marjolijn zei

Wow, prachtig werk!
gr. Marjolijn

Ineke zei

Super, hier is over nagedacht.

Anoniem zei

Mooi werk Marloes.